Thursday, 9 June 2011

British are the seconds hottest thing to koreans. Just saying.

say hi to my bff again.

So i kinda cut my hair. i have bangs now, and my hair is a whole lot shorter which im not too crazy about but it will grow out in the next idk maybe 3 years but oh well. My hair takes ages to grow, not even joking. But i sorta like it, its different. in a way. well, better to take the risk now or never.

Btw. just finished watching gossip girl season 3 like finally after pushing it back for so long i found time to complete the season and i am not too happy about the ending. i can't believe the nerve jenny had to go and break up my favourite couple of all time, blair and chuck. crying. i was so sad. well just gna have to watch season 4 to find out what happens next.

And everyone have a piece of the two hottest people ever, my lovely leighton and that badass ed, whom i can't seem to get over the fact that hes actually British and i didn't even know that. i am so clueless. But seriously when he said something in that oh so sexy accent of his i nearly died and went to heaven. he speaks so well in the american accent its so believable. gosh. and Leighton is just a stunner. and together they are so perfect please get married now.

Well, lets just leave you with a piece of perfection before i go.

See, even he knows.

xx Leah

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