Sunday, 5 June 2011

Getting killed by the heat, just for the sake of fashion.

outfit of the day: lace tank - kandykayne, varsity jacket - korean spree, jeans - room290, boots - dr martens, rings - thestylemafia, bag - topshop

Went out with Denise yesterday, headed for the 'what the flea' event at scape, it was so mega packed and stuffy i literally was sweating buckets in there, no joke. But i managed to eventually get a couple of things from there which i am quite pleased about. Kinda wish i hadn't spent so much money though. Because we also headed to f21 and i got a top from there..... Sigh, i should be happy but no i ain't because im so broke rn.

On a side note, i am obsessed with my dr martens now i can't stop wearing them, as quoted from my bestfriend 'once leah got her dr martens, they never leave her feet anymore or something along those lines. Its just that i match them with everything thats all.

Oh well, moving right along. I had to go for a dance concert, well it was more like we were watching a competition, with my seniors in the evening. Lixuan came along and thank goodness for that because we ended up being the only juniors, along w one other girl, that actually went with them. Awkward much.

 Seniors <3
gross polaroid i took w Lixuan.

The dance competition was actually really good, and we went to eat supper with the seniors after so that was a plus! Bonding + lepak session. Was real happy to get to know the seniors better because i'm always super afraid and awkward around them. Can't help it.

But overall it was tons of fun, totally can't wait for the dance bbq!!!!!!

xx Leah.

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