Sunday, 12 June 2011

Curse the weather for being the only thing that can destroy my hair.

Pardon the no full lenght shots because i was dressed horribly. long story. it was a dance thing i had to go for and i thought we were actually gna dance. turns out we didn't and because i didn't have anything to wear at that moment i had to put on the most boring outfit ever. And i didn't have to actually wear that in the end. huh.

And i managed to dirty my toms shoes at the same time. grrrrrrrr. thanks mud and rain. oh and i forgot i ruined my hair too. it became all gross and curly in the wrong way after that.

Seems like my life has been really boring lately. but im headed for a barbeque tomorrow so im looking forward to that. blog when im back!

ps, sorry for the terrible quality photos, it was taken via my iphone. promise to have hq pictures when i bring my camera out tomorrow!

xx Leah.

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