Thursday, 2 June 2011

Topshop is just overpriced bullshit, but i still buy from there anyway.


Outfit Of The Day: tank - thescarletroom, shorts - topshop, cardigan - earlgreyparty, stockings - topshop, shoes - dr martens

Sorry for the whoring around with my camera, i was literally bored out of my mind and had nothing to do when i was waiting to go out. When i finally did, i met Lixuan, love that girl, always have a good time when i'm with her. Caught Kungfu Panda 2 thanks to my daddy who sponsored us free tixs because he could get em. hehe. It was a great movie, i personally dont really like cartoons so if i say its good, its prolly real good.

 attempting to pose without looking awkward in the middle of a mall with people staring at you. didn't go too well.

 i really like this picture don't ask me why, because i don't even know why.


Anyway like the girls we are, we went shopping at topshop, obviously, and since i just got my allowance, i splurged on like two things there. oh my god i am as poor as fuck right now but happiness level > guilt soooooo. we shall just leave it at that.

So. let me show you what a great bargain i had there, i was over the freaking moon okay swear.

So this aztec printed sweater, i first saw it on thepersianbabe on youtube and i was like i got to have it, i mean its so comfy and the print is just abstract and cool and shit. But i forgot about it for awhile untillllll, i stepped into topshop today, and after walking around i headed towards the 'last chance to buy' section and right before my eyes was this exact sweater. I immediately grabbed it to check the size, and it was the smallest size which was us2/uk6 and i almost screamed because it was my size. And guess whats the best part about it.

It was on sale, from $63 to $39. OH MY GOD. i tried it on and it was like just dfjshdffxkcdfc fabuloussssssss. Could just die because i got such a great deal out of it.

The second thing i bought were these shorts i had wanted for ages but they were really expensive so i couldnt get em, but finally, i got my money and i managed to get these shorts!!!!!

These frayed highwaisted topshop denim shorts are finally mine. Laughing at the first picture which i took in the topshop changing room not too long ago. I was so sad i couldn't get it so i took a picture to make myself feel better about it. Don't judge. And if im not wrong beautycrush on youtube has the exact pair, and i swear they looked so good on her it made me want to get it. I should really stop stalking their channels....

Well, thats it, basically. im just super happy with my sweater, so here have a picture of me being all happy with it.

xx Leah.

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