Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Life of an obsessive fangirl

Sorry for the second post in one day but i can't stop screaming right now because my isungmin photobook FINALLY came in the mail, i mean i've been waiting for ages!!!!!!! Pardon me because this post will just be about me screaming and have nothing to do with fashion. Mostly related to korean boys and how i absolutely am madly in love with them. teehehe.

It came with a photobook, cd and keychain, of such good quality i mean it was totally worth my like $50 dollars and no matter how many people tell me it was a waste of my $$. i'd do anything to support my boy.

Well i do have something related to fashion. some what. check out my hair.

Okay sorry its not much but because of my shaky hands + heavy camera and all other excuses, i can't really show it to you properly but i centre parted my hair and braided it back on both sides into my ponytail this morning but i took it out alr and i actually quite like it. hehe. idk, never liked how i looked w a centre parting before, maybe i should try it soon.

xx Leah.

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