Friday, 3 June 2011

Blame my camera for not being able to take pictures in the dark

outfit of the day: leopard printed top - flea, shorts - mums, belt - mums, sadly you couldn't see my shoes but i got em from nine west on sale.

It was meredith's birthday yesterday. yay to that. went over to her house to celebrate and i baked a cake for her!!!!! Took me 3 hours though but everyone liked it so, i guess thats good news. hehe.

Celebrated hers and wenjun's birthday with the aurora people. it was mostly a lepak session but i guess thats what we always do anyway. And i have very little pictures of which i look terrible in, thanks to the humidity like everywhere, my hair was quite gross. Sigh.

Didn't really fancy my outfit because i just threw something on, i was kinda in a rush, and despite all that, i still was late and made everyone wait for an hour, or so. whoops.

Which reminds me, i don't even know how it does but it came into my mind, i need to stop my ever growing collection of shorts and buy more tops geez.

xx Leah.

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