Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Meet my skinny lil slutty bestfriend.

I'm sorry but my outfit of the day is kinda just my horrendous uniform. Didn't have time to dress up because i headed over to nex to meet up with my babygirl Natalie for lunch which she was sooooooooo nice to treat me too. I swear idk what i'll do without her. I was whining like a bitch because i was so broke for this month and she offered to treat me, (inserts silent screams here) so if you're reading, thank you for that bbg

Went over to her house after i helped her go shopping at cotton on. love shopping for her because its like i have no budget at all. Anw, i was forced to be her tuition teacher for that day, and i did all her math work for her in the end. Tsk.

Had school today, nothing unusual about that. Skipped our 'optional' geog lecture because i wasn't feeling up for it and went to eat Popeyes with Wendy Charmaine Keith and Jazmen. Mega save because i only spent $3 bucks there from sharing a meal with my friends. Need to cut down on my spending on food if i want to blow my allowance at topshop on the like amazing new collection they have there. As well as to feed my online shopping addiction. Wow, thats going to be hard.

Sigh, i'm such a charity case.

Btw, i'm just saying that these dr martens are killing me so badly because they make me want to just spend every single cent i have left and go buy them. i mean, they are just like the coolest kickass shoes ever and i'd wear them every single day.

Say hi to the dream shoe i want so badly but will never have. These Jeffrey Campbell Lana heels in black are like, dsfjchdjch i don't even have words to describe it. SO DARN AMAZING?! seen it on other famous bloggers and im full of jealousy because i don't have that kind of money to spend.

These are the Jeffrey Campbell Back Off shoes in black. I love love love the silver mirror like edge at the bottom. i have been searching everywhere for a cheaper alternative to it but i have had no luck whatsoever. sigh. i bet these would look amazing.

This is the stylesofia nebula wedge heel, and might i say just the most beautiful shoe i have ever seen. so much detail and work has been put into these babies and no one knows even how much i want to walk around and admire them all day. 

Sad to say, they are all WAYYYY above my budget. can't wait to start working for real and then i can buy myself all these beyond fabulous shoes.

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