Monday, 30 May 2011

Vintage Sunglasses and Somthing I'd Like To Call A Picture Fest.

outfit of the day: top - struttt, shorts - whatisdope, bag - thestylemafia, shoes - toms, no accessories because i just went to nex.

Today was the start of the holiday but nothing seemed to have changed from normal school days because i spent the whole morning in school having extra lessons. what a bore. dragged Lixuan, Corinne and Charmaine home with me. Leave girls alone with a camera and you get a whole bunch of pictures so thats exactly what we did. hehe. Crazy friends = twice the fun. I don't know why we ended up in the bathtub but we did, it was probably lixuan's idea anyway. She stayed w me till dinner though! and after a good half an hour of oogling cute (ahem) pictures, we headed to nex to meet up w our guy friends.

Not really in the mood to elaborate on that, because some people just piss me off so much when they don't know when they've reach the limit. honestly.

Buttttt, after having a good long chat with my bbg, i feel much better. Kinda sucks because school tomorrow is killing the mood. Not really feeling up to doing the maths work assigned to me, so i was just going to do it tomorrow morning before i head to school. At least i tried.

Oh btw, check out my awesome coolio gorgeous vintage sunglasses, tehehehe. love em even though i look blind when i wear them. ah well.

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