Sunday, 29 May 2011

Flea markets, ways to make you spend your money on cheap clothes.

outfit of the day: top - kandykayne, highwaisted jeans - some online store, boots - dr martens, bag - pearlmilkteea, rings - thestylemafia

So, this is me starting out a new blog, well trying to. because i absoluetly love and admire the people who set up fashion journals, and i am always staring in awe at their abstract outfits that i am dying to wear, but sad to say can't because i don't have much money and its not like i'm earning an income here.

Anywho, i headed out to scape yesterday with Sharianty, Johnathan and Sherri. Practically stalked the flea market and since i was broke from buying my dr martens, i had only $20 bucks with me, and i was kinda hesitant on spending it on katy perry's OPI shatter which everyone seems to be raving about. But they only had silver, red and white left and the red and white came in a set worth $20 so i didn't really want to get that. And silver was just, idk, i wanted black. The owner told me he was bringing in stock next week, so i decided i was going to put it on hold and wait for next month's allowance to come in before i get it. It was just $10 for OPI nail polish for crying out loud.

After that, we were supposed to head over to orchard cineleisure to watch kungfu panda 2 but for some strange reason every other person on the planet wanted to catch it too so there were barely any seats left for all the cinemas so we just gave it a miss. Headed over to topshop after we met shawn and i just, wow, i can't even describe how much i love the new season, its so vibrant and full of tribal and aztec print which i swear i am so mad over at the moment. Its full of different kind of prints as well, floral, lace, everything. I walked around and i was just like 'i want this i want that', but its too bad that im broke. so.

Heres a couple, yes just a FEW, pieces that i saw yesterday that were totally to die for.

 ATTICA Strap Back Ankle Boots (Black)
i've been staring at these for ages i just don't seem to have $150 dollars to buy them
 MOTO Salmon High Waist Hotpant
defo something i would want to have in my wardrobe because i love the colour, and whats one more pair of shorts to my ever growing collection
 MOTO Disty Floral Shorts
i love floral prints and the colour was gorgeous so it was a must for me.
 Red Floral Layered Playsuit
rompers are great when you're lazy and you don't feel like bothering about your outfit much. this one is so pretty and vibrant i couldn't resist it
 Rust Tribal Print Contrast Waistband Lace Trim Shorts
This piece was so dainty and girly, and the contrasting print made it so unique.
 Gathered Split Side Maxi Skirt (Jade)
This was the one i was just drooling and fawning over i mean, i saw one of the staff wearing it and i was squealing like idek what, it was just so long and silky and the colour omg, i NEED this.

 Navaho Print Vest
This one was cheaper than the rest and i love tribal prints so i was immediately drawn to it.
Blue Daisy Embroidered Tie Front Button Front Crop Vest
This is such a perfect piece for me because its crop, and has prints that can stand on its own without much accessories. mad love for this.

Well pardon my long post on how topshop clothes are so overpriced but all so pretty in their own way, but i actually managed to buy something from topshop with some help from my friends. The socks were going at 3 for $16 and i needed them so bad for my boots so i got them. super mega happy with the deal. alright i should stop spending more money if i want my other pair of black dr martens. hm.

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