Sunday, 15 June 2014

ad: frontrowshop

top - h&m // jeans - c/o of // jacket - h&m // shoes - dr martens // hat - h&m

So I was contacted by which is an online shop that sells very minimalistic, basic pieces that are excellent in terms of quality. It might be slightly on the pricey side but trust me, totally worth it when it comes down to the material. If you like the asos kinda style then this shop if definitely for you. I choose this pair of jeans because white boyfriend jeans are an upcoming summer trend that i've been noticing on blogs and on the streets. White jeans are pretty hard to pull off to be honest but these are perfect for that effortlessly casual but (I still put in some effort) kinda look.

You could totally pair them with tops such as the ones below for a more 'out there' look if you're into that kinda flashy style. It would look super clean cut and edgy with the white on white which is HUGE for summer might I add

But if you're not into that, maybe some casual tees with the slouchy jeans could pass off as what I like to call 'sloppy chic' so at least you look casual but not to the extent that you look as though you just completely rolled out of your bed in your boyfriends clothes.

All these tops (plus the jeans) are available on so go check em out! their pieces are definitely more unique and they offer something slightly different from the local singaporean scene. If you sign up with them you can get points (1 point = $1) which eventually give you discounts. I think there's a total of $15 worth of points you can get by just getting an account and filling in your details. So I definitely think you guys should click that link and take a look because you don't want to miss out on great clothing at such steal prices!!

xx Leah

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