Saturday, 17 May 2014

you remind me of something missing

top & skirt - brandy melville // jacket - wonderstellar // shoes - dr martens // hat - h&m // bag - Alexander Wang

Quick update, i've been back from Taiwan for a couple of days now, and honestly i'm sitting here wishing to go back there like right this instant because I really hate being here. Thinking of heading to Krabi or Tio Man for a few days in June because I need to enjoy my holidays, and with school busying up my schedule, I think i'll fly off when I get the chance.

Thinking about doing a photo diary for my Taiwan trip (yes I know I haven't finished my Korea one but that's just a lost cause). And that reminds me, I didn't do one for Hong Kong either. Obviously very lazy but okay maybe i'll put in a little more effort this time. Editing photos is hard okay.

What's happening currently is that i'm waiting to be interviewed by Topshop to be a part time stylist, which i'm super excited about. But I have tons to do during the holidays and no idea whether I can commit to everything..... Sigh. We shall see how everything goes, I suppose. Oh and I also got selected for the NOC programme which i'm bloody ecstatic about to say the least. One step closer to a whole year in New York, fingers crossed.

xx Leah

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