Saturday, 26 April 2014


I know you've been wanting a post on here since the day I met you so here it is. To be honest I never thought we'd actually work out seeing as we met where we met, but you surprised me. It took me awhile to get back into the swing of being in a relationship because I was kind of immune to the whole nice guy treatment because the kinda people I talked to usually turned out to be complete idiots. You made it easy though. And a month into it I realized that this might actually be some serious shit I was getting myself into. We clicked on all levels, which seemed kinda strange because this sort of thing never happens to me. But i'm glad we made it work. I probably never told you this explicitly but I was kinda sort of attracted to you even when you were sitting there playing five ten with us, and I was just like sneaking glances because lol how awkward would it be if you caught me looking. And I also didn't tell you that I kept pestering (insert mutual friends name here, you know who) to go look for his friends (bc ya'll went in before we did) because lol I wanted the chance to talk to you or something along those lines hahahahaha. If I never pushed for that opportunity, or never subtly flirted with you from afar (L O L) we probably wouldn't have ever seen each other again. Sooooooo, I guess you have to thank me for that? HAHA.

I know some things have happened, and it sucks because I can't do shit to change that. I'm sorry, really, and I know you know I am, but I know I could never take it back, and it makes me sad to think that it will always be there at the back of our minds. But, I made you a promise, and I hope you give me the chance to prove myself over time. It could never replace that, but I hope to at least make it up to you.

Enough of this shit ton sappy post, which is making me cringe as I write but, okay, i'll bear it for a little longer. I just want you to know that I might screw up some time in the future or what not, I don't know, but I hope that you understand that i'm human and I make mistakes too. Thank you for being so forgiving, and accepting. I will never, take that for granted.

I love you you fucking fatty, and I feel so disgusting after writing this I think I need to end it now, I hope you liked this (surprise-ish) post for you. idiot, happy first.

xx Leah

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