Monday, 21 April 2014

everything about you gets me high

top - lazyoaf // shorts & socks - american apparel // shoes - nike air // beanie - ssur // flowers - courtesy of my boyf

Wow this was a vday post I had yet to upload and it's now April? I'm ridic at being on time. But this was my outfit that got featured on lazyoaf's instagram ( and made me die in happiness. And yes, only reason why I got on their webpage was bc my very kind (cough) boyf got me this shirt as a vday present and I kinda made him feel bad because the first thing I said was "huh where's my unif stuff" instead of thanking him in any sort. L O L but it's okay I still appreciate your efforts babe (even though you fail at present giving, and yes i'm so unappreciative loooool, i still love you tho it's k). And now he practically claims credit for me getting featured, much wow, as if my styling + posing skills didn't contribute at all.

Practically crammed like a shitload of marketing terms in my head for the test this wednesday and dear lord please let me do above average so I can at least get a B+/A- overall. Sigh pie.

xx Leah

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