Friday, 25 October 2013

i kept wishing she had blonde ambition

dress - sister's // shoes - deandri // lipstick - macs dubonnet

I know it's been two weeks without a post but i've been swamped with school work and deadlines and tests I really don't have the energy half the time to sit down and edit photos sadly, (all the energy I have left is used up to concentrate on watching pretty little liars). I've had additional dance practice for the past couple of weeks because of this competition i'm joining with some of the girls from blast, and I swear i'm drained every single day after that. Sigh, too much commitment and no time for anything else.

Anyway, this post is so overdue but it was my 19th birthday on the 15th of september and my mum brought my family out for dinner at dempsey. The cake though, was freaking amazing omg 'chanel' inspired cupcakes, what more could I ask for. Well a real chanel bag would be nice though. hm.

Literally just came back from a test an hour ago (yeah why my tests are at such unreasonable timings I do not understand) and i'm so tired, so goodnight lovelies, i'll be back here soon.


  1. Belated Happy Birthday, sweetie! You look really really really girly in this look! A bit different from your previous looks but you still look good! Those deandri shoes are absolutely gorgeous!

    1. <333 thanks sweetie! tried to be a lil more feminine on my birthday hehe.