Monday, 5 August 2013

when everything's wrong, you make it right

top - topshop // skirt - bkk // shoes - deandri // bag - h&m // necklace - h&m // lipstick - macs diva

No idea why my all white outfit worked so well but it just did and I surprisingly got a bunch of compliments from my friends which made my day. Every time I wear these deandri helgas, I feel like i'm constantly walking too loudly or something. Because the wooden heel makes like a hell lot of noise and I remember cringing while trying to walk on my toes down the stairs at zara. Not ideal shoes to walk down stairs, especially if there's going to be tons of people at the bottom staring at your while you walk. Uh, uncomfortable much. Well, aside from that they are pretty damn gorgeous and comfortable.

I can't believe eight months have passed so fast, in a week i'm starting uni and i'm full of nerves. I'm just praying I get good classmates and a decent timetable. Thats all, please?

xx Leah

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