Wednesday, 15 May 2013

blonde no more

About a week ago I went to get my hair done, and after two months (sadly) of being blonde, I now have ash grey hair with streaks of turquoise. I originally wanted to keep my hair blonde and just bleach the roots BUT my hair stylist said it wasn't good to always bleach your hair... So I decided to change my 'look' I guess? I had just wanted to dye it like a light ash grey colour but she asked me if I wanted to put streaks in. And I was just like ah fuck it, I'm gna do it. My hair turned out fucking amazing though, can't say the same for my wallet, but hey, it was pretty worth it. I'm going to try and maintain the colour which hopefully will not run every time I wash my hair. But overall I'm pretty happy with how my hair turned out. My mum was just like 'at least its better than blonde'. Wow, thanks? didn't think my blonde hair was THAT bad....

Oh and condition of my hair wise, while it is still pretty dry, putting hair masks and stuff does actually help so the money you spend does pay off eventually. I guess.

xx Leah

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