Monday, 1 April 2013

re-introduction to a feeling I don't wanna know

top - topshop // skirt - UNIF // Big Lita - Jeffrey Campbell // bag - topshop // sunnies - flea

Making this a real quick post. So I headed down to nyp for my friend's dance performance which was pretty good. Totally went all out and stomped about in my JC heels for the day. Completely comfortable I swear, but not very practical. Who cares though. Was really excited with what I was wearing that day because it was my first ever unif purchase. Yep, the unif gwen skirt. I had been eyeing this thing since everyone on lookbook had it. And when it finally went on sale I immediately bought it.

And these big litas were another purchase I made when I got my first pay. Couldn't wait for the hellbounds to come back in stock so I opted for the alternative. And now that I've actually seen the hellbounds in real life, I have to say, I kinda like the big litas more. So no regrets to buying them at all.

Hope your week has been good and you haven't been fooled by your friends during April fools. Unfortunately I can't say I haven't because my friends are idiots and tend to bully the very gullible me. Sigh pie.

xx Leah

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  1. Ugh ;/ I have to get that top! I've been looking for that everywhere but seems like I don't have any luck... You have prettttttyyy legs! You'll look good with any short outfits! :) xx