Friday, 4 November 2011

Last day of school

i really have an obsession for subway cookies, i should really stop the unhealthy eating if i want to be skinny. grrr. sometimes i really wish i didn't have the appetite to eat at all.

Anyway, today was the last day of school, 2011 flew by like real fast and i can't believe school's over already. After a whole year of exams, studies, friends, ups & downs, all of it is over. To be honest, CJ made me feel more at home as compared to my secondary school, maybe its just the atmosphere, idk, i guess i'm just lucky i met these people (':

Before i continue reminiscing, i'm going to whine abit about the OGL results. alright, i didn't get it. i wasn't exactly prepared for that, so i was kinda in a state of shock when i found out. idk. its like, something you want so fucking bad just like gone in a second. Why i want it so much i don't even have a clue, i guess it was something i looked forward to doing since the beginning when i stepped foot into JC1. Well, i guess that hope is over, along with all my other expectations. But thanks to my amazing friends, (classmates & aurora kids) who were there for me even though i was a moody bitch, and cheered me up with their texts throughout the day, i guess i was alright after that.

Pictures from today will be up tomorrow, because i haven't got my card reader with me now so my pictures are still stuck in my camera. Off to watch skins in which mitch hewer is just a whole lot of hot.

xx Leah

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