Saturday, 5 November 2011

All the small things

 my awkward bowlingness lmao.

So last day of school, headed to nex to eat w my classmates, and some of us decided to go bowling later. sigh at the money i spend. really need to save since its the holidays now and topshops having 50% off your second item. grr. Oh and nat mok went to write those names for us on the screen. shortie = keith, xiaopeanut = me (please do not even judge thanks), mrtjumper = jazmen (long story), dumbshit = wendy, chaokahbeng = kahbeng lol. not even gna lie they are quite funny.

Alright after that, headed to gardens for some quality time + dinner w the girls whom i haven't met in AGES. i miss them so much and it feels so good to finally laugh and just talk w all four of them again.


Went to subway at gardens for dinner and some dessert bowl after that. hehe. went up to the skygarden to talk about everything under the sun after that, omg was so happy when i went home okay. even though you guys ostracize me all the time i still love you haha.

Alright, got to get ready for some dinner 'party' my dad is throwing later, peace.

xx Leah

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