Friday, 21 October 2011

Wallet denting madness

 top - roxy, jeans - ashincans, flats - topshop, bag - whatisdope ( inspired), sunnies - thestylemafia

bustier/top - shopskinned, skirt - thestylemafia, cardigan - thestylemafia, shoes - shopskinned, bag - topshop.

Some random outfits from the past couple of days, i took the first 3 pictures yesterday though, we went to watch johnny english, and i swear you will laugh your socks off if you watch it i am not even joking. Staying at home today though to finish my oral presentation for project work, groupmates are coming over to help out as well. May go out in the evening for some cycling/blading at pasir ris well, we shall see. on the other hand, i think i have an obsession over these creepers from topshop okay, i am constantly thinking about them, and i think im going to go back and get them, hopefully they're still sitting on the shelves.

MINNIE Brogue Brothel Creepers

i mean how gorgeous are they. and they are BURGUNDY, which i am mad over at the moment. haven't worn my burgundy jeans from topshop out yet lmao i'm just waiting for the right occasion tbh.

And i am also very fond of patterned/textured/coloured shorts but i always can't seem to justify the prices at topshop because i'll always ask myself how often would i wear these as compared to normal denim plain shorts, and the answer always deters me from buying them but i swear i need some of these in my closet right now. i just wish they weren't so expensive.

I actually tried those floral printed ones on in topshop before and they were gorgeous but i didn't end up getting it sigh.

And how i wish Singapore didn't have such extreme heat conditions so i could wear these sweaters out without sweltering in the mad heat.



and looking at all these things i'm just wondering when on earth i can get my hands on some money to buy them. sobs.

xx Leah.

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