Thursday, 27 October 2011

Just a feeling


flannel top - gap, top - roxy, highwaisted jeans - online, boots - dr martens, lipstick - hazard by topshop, sunnies - thestylemafia.

So i went out and watched paranormal activity for some strange reason, and i freaked myself out pretty bad. i swear i was closing my eyes for more than half the time, no joke. lmao. headed over to topshop to buy my creepers but no fucking way they were sold out. i was sooooooooo sdkjhsdjvn pissed okay i was looking forward to buying them. sobs. but i compensated with a pair of major cool snake earrings and i finally bought infared which everyone seemed to be going crazy about and i'm not too sure about the colour but oh well, we'll have to see. And i bought a pair of cheaper creepers in that same colour online so thank goodness for that.

First time i actually wore this lip colour out. ide. i was so afraid i was going to screw it up or something. im such a beginner at make up what is wrong with me. well, you'll never know until you try i guess, anyway. pictures of my loots <3

So i also headed out with my friends over the weekend for some fail blading and cycling. so much for that because by the time we reached there everything was closed and we just sat at the playground and acted like people with deprived childhoods. AND, worst thing that happened, was my havaianas broke okay. like legit i am not even able to fix it back and i had to walk around for the rest of the night with tape sticking the strap down to the slipper with it coming off practically every 5 minutes. sigh. wasn't in the mood for pictures at all.

Please excuse the pictures these are my classmates as you all know. and i know i look disgusting in the last photo but my legs look skinny lmao i am happy over such small issues.

xx Leah.

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