Saturday, 8 October 2011

'A' Class

we sat first row up front at the place omg it was an amazing view and sadly my camera isn't that great so i couldn't get pictures of the girls ):

top - asos, shorts - topshop, tights - ohsofickle, flats - topshop, bag - whatisdope

Oh so finally my promos are over and i can update you guys w the things that have been happening in my life. Firstly, i went for the miss A showcase in singapore which was just amazing and Suzy waved to me like a gazillion times im so happ, i could cry.

Please excuse the grossness that is me here because im prolly a lil slutty but my mum said it was okay so, i dont really give a fuck. hehe. i have so much more things to upload and be excited about. Like the fact that i went to sentosa and uss on friday with my classmates and had an amazing time and went over to meredith's ystd to watch burlesque and talk. i finally have some freedom since exams are over already. just hoping to get good grades. Will update in the next few days with more pictures and posts. hehe. but for now, i've got to upload 500 photos from friday to facebook so i'll do a seperate post later. hehe.

xx Leah

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