Friday, 14 October 2011


pictures with the mascots, kungfu panda, shrek & fiona, woody woodpecker & some strange bug guy lol.

top - h&m, shorts - topshop, bag - h&m, bracelets - h&m and topshop, sunnies - thestylemafia, slippers - havaianas

Guys, blogger isn't working right and its kinda pissing me off because i can't upload all the photos at one go im sitting here slowly clicking each photo and loading it separately and its killing me but finally i've got some done already. Not in any particular order though. and speaking of which, i love the last photo it is so adorable hehe.
  • Monday - went out to watch real steel with Felicia and Ethel
  • Tuesday - Class came over and had a stayover at my house
  • Wednesday - Out for some retail therapy with Corinne, finally bought my black soft leather dr martens as well as finally stepping into h&m.
  • Thursday - Universal Studios Singapore with 1T31!!!!
  • Friday - Went out with John to watch the most boring movie in the world, 1911. i think i might have been better off watching the thing and being scared out of my mind.
Inserting a picture of my dr martens here.

oh my babies are finally mine hehe.

xx Leah.

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