Sunday, 14 August 2011

Party like its not your birthday.




top - cotton on, cardigan - ivorypastel, shades - thestylemafia, jeans - room290, shoes - toms, bag - topshop, earrings - f21.

went out with tyqa to meet my fellow fangirls from indonesia! alika and sarah! was so excited because the last time i saw them was during the concert in january which was ages ago. and the only way i can contact them is either through twitter/tumblr. Took tons of pictures, and i went shopping as you can see. topshop + zara + hmv for my hyukjae album which i am so happy i got!!!! Overall it was major fun. can't wait to do it again with them.

This was like on wednesday? i forgot to post it up. and today, sunday, one of the best things happened to me and i can't really mention it here but lets just say i'm a very happy girl now. and only very few things make me extremely happy. fashion, dance, sungmin, and boys. so you take your pick.

xx Leah.

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