Sunday, 1 February 2015

Nine by Sweet Basil

Not sure if you guys have checked out my instagram recently but I just got a dye job and my hair is now silver/grey/ash blonde (?????) hahaha I know that sounds confusing but let me explain a little.

I was kindly offered an appointment by a lovely Japanese hair salon called Nine by Sweet Basil! And honestly it was the first time for me going to a Japanese salon to do my hair so I wasn't sure what to expect, but I know and trust that Japanese have amazing taste so I decided why not.

I knew I wanted something lighter but not too colourful because I was getting bored of my black/ombre hair. So i opted for a space princess look with the grey and all that.



So here's how everything went:

Obviously I knew I had to bleach my hair so my stylist, Yoshi, told me the number of times I would have to bleach my hair would depend on how well my hair absorbs the product. So we did the first layer of bleach and he realized I might need to bleach it TWO more times.

I kid you not I was a little bit hesitant but he told me that because I had previously dyed my hair black, it would require more bleach to get the colour out of my hair. So I caved and bleached it in total THREE times. My head seriously hurt after that but it was worth it.

So for any of you who are keen on bleaching or dyeing your hair, just be aware that if you had previously dyed your hair a dark colour, chances are you might have to bleach it quite a lot to achieve the colour you desire.

For me, my hair still had trouble after the third bleach to get all the colour out so that it would be a "white" base. So the initial colour I wanted, which was a grey-blue tone colour, couldn't be done. Hence when I opted for the ash grey instead.

And even then, the grey didn't come out as well as I would have liked it to, but it's just because my hair didn't turn light enough sadly. So I had a few streaks of ash brown/blonde in my hair. Turns out it's pretty cool anyway because at least my hair didn't look so bland because of the single tone of grey!

After the bleaching and dyeing of my hair, he also put treatment for my hair at the end of the entire process.

Yoshi was so kind, and he patiently did my hair for SIX HOURS (I kid you not). He even offered me to bleach my hair a fourth time even though it might have taken like an additional hour. Mind you I was only done at 9.15pm and there was no one left. I felt so bad but he was so kinda and assured me that it was completely fine.

I promise you that I wouldn't be recommending this salon if I didn't trust the people working there. And believe me when I say they are really friendly and welcoming. (He even insisted on helping me take photos like whatttttt how can one person be so nice???)

I know a lot of my readers always ask me what salons I go to because I had previously dyed my hair multiple colours. So for those people out there looking for places to go to dye your hair, trust me this place is really worth your time and money. They also offer a whole wide range of colours to choose from! If you're into the Japanese styled hair like with more ashy / blonde tones, I highly recommend you check them out!

(numbers and email links at the bottom of this post)

They also have packages and stuff like that if you're looking to do like a cut and colour or a cut and perm kinda stuff! It's pretty worthwhile.

Now here's a couple of photos I took because I seriously was obsessed with my hair after everything. Seriously.

top - h&m // joggers - h&m // necklace - gift // shoes - stefan janoskis // 

To make a reservation at Nine, 
call: +65 63373661
address: 26A Purvis Street, Singapore 188603

xx Leah