Sunday, 9 February 2014

when I close my eyes you're the one I see

top - thescarletroom // shorts - online // shirt & bag - thestylemafia // cap - supreme // shoes - zara

It's been awhile. And I know I promised to keep on track but omg the ton of things i've been through lately, so please excuse me for being (cough) half a month late on posts. Dance practice was crazy with EMCC so I barely had time to breathe let alone complete my work. So I kinda prioritised everything over this. And then my hard drive went insane and died on me so I only managed to fix it after two weeks (cries). So many complications. But i'm back for serious, and I have something to share with you guys!

I found out about this rad new brand that customises your phone cases for you which is amazing because why would you not want to have your name engraved on your phone. Plus, it has this cool 3D effect for the words which makes it so much cooler than any regular phone case.

Check out for more designs as well as fonts / colours if you feel like making your phone more awesome. It's super durable and also they have cases for a ton of phones.


xx Leah