Monday, 24 February 2014

too afraid of my heart to let you go

top - topshop // shirt - thestylemafia // skirt & jacket - h&m // bag - topshop // shoes - Jeffrey Campbell

Well, i'm going to re-brand my 'blog' a little and since I know so much about marketing (sarcasm) i've decided to take a more streetwear based approach. Yeah my outfits will be one segment of the post but the next half i'm going to talk about well yes my outfit, but more so on the trends or kinda my 'wants' per se for this season. Because what's more to exploit then my love for staring at a ton of websites and adding things to cart if I don't share them with you, am I right? It's either going to be a new brand, a new trend a god knows what it all is just going to depend on my mood that week (hah).

So, this is no secret, I do love a good pair of platforms or heels but it's like how often can I wear them anyway geez i'll get judged if I parade around the NUS campus in my JCs or what have you. But i've been dying over this sort of slip on sneaker look that's kinda on trend for spring I guess (not that I care about trends I just wear whatever the hell I want)

Oh my god it's like the perfect pair of shoes staring straight at my face look at it it's so perfect I could die. And I don't know if any of you on here know because I don't think i've explicitly mentioned (only to my real life friends, I do have them) that Givenchy is my all time favourite designer brand and I just can't omg so perfect. One day i'll be rich enough and i'll own every single collection they have. Hm, but yeah shoe game def on point with this pair. They have tons more designs but I like this one the most. Probably going to get myself a pair that look similar but are not $800 because my wallet can't afford that shit (for the moment). Well yeah let's just move on and pretend I didn't cry over these shoes like a baby shall we.

xx Leah


  1. I love your outfit and the idea to "re-brand" to streetwear. What are your fav streetwear brands?
    And yes, those Givenchy shoes are to die for!

    1. I love classic streetwear brands like stussy, huf, lazyoaf, unif and the more high end like opening ceremony, acne, kenzo and all sorts, thanks for the comment girl, your blog is amazing too, would love it if we could follow each other (: