Monday, 6 January 2014

i spend her love until she's broke inside

top - unif // shirt - thestylemafia // bag - h&m // shoes - jeffrey campbell // beanie - f21 // macbook pro retina 13"

I think i'm having a serious case of I can't sit at home let me just go out and be unproductive instead. Well either way it's probably both unproductive, but when I go out it just leads to endless wastage of money on expensive cafes and clothes and what not. So I guess home seems like a better option.

Not that i'm complaining or anything, school starts in a week and i'm trying to come up with a miracle plan on "how to survive 101 and still have a life" because obviously to do well, as proven by (many) sociopathic students, the key to doing well is locking yourself in your room and only coming out for meals. Ideal. Totally get it.

Well, i'm kinda sticking to my resolution about constant posting (yay) for now. Idk if that's at all guaranteed when school starts but I will try. For now, it just consists of me watching (i already finished good lord) 2 broke girls season 1 and 2 and thinking about how that is so totally my life situation 24/7 and starting on sherlock because, well it seemed appropriate. I tend to have this habit of finishing like half a season, finding a new series more interesting and then switching to it. So fickle. That's why I have gossip girl s5, the carrie diaries s1, himym s9 and pretty little liars s4 on hold. And also because I hate downloading shows by episode and rather just watch the entire series at once. Yes, i'm seriously that lazy.

Oh and also I forgot but if you came down to the restore flea and bought anything from me, thank you for your support! I can now live for another few weeks without the complains, "oh god i'm so broke" anymore. Just for a little while.

xx Leah

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