Wednesday, 27 November 2013

don't be a kitty (meow)

top - unif // shoes - unif cross trainers // bag - topshop // lipstick - mac's diva

This was ages ago when I actually had pink hair, now all I have is half of my hair (thank you bleached ends for breaking on me) that's dyed an ash brown. I miss having pink hair and staining all my white tops with hair dye. I don't know why I chose to wear white every single damn day that week I dyed my hair.... stupid mistake, I admit.

Hm, so I'm down to my last paper for finals and I'm just relieved I got through everything. Well almost, I screwed up an mcq paper (how does anyone do that by the way I thought mcq's were supposed to be the easy ones) or at least I think I did. God knows how I'm supposed to use all those stupid equations in a span of two hours. Its like you know you've spent too much time just staring at the question when you realized 20 minutes have passed and you have yet to solve the damn thing you've been staring at, for that one tiny mark. kills self.

So I declared a study break for the rest of today, because my paper was at 5 and it ended at 7. Who does that, like why would you even put a paper at 5pm in the day I don't get it sigh. Well, at least i'm Hong Kong bound in a week! Something to look forward to at least.

xx Leah

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