Friday, 6 September 2013

that weirdo with five (three) colours in her hair

top - topshop // skirt - h&m // shirt - bkk // shoes - dr martens // cap - obey

My first actual post where I have purple hair! (omg I so wish my hair looked like that now). My hair has faded a hellllllll lot since I first dyed it a month back. I'm pretty depressed about it because my purple hair was fucking chio to put it in Singaporean context. SERIOUSLY. I am so tempted to just go back to my salon and re-dye it because ugh it was perfect. The pink and slightly more lilac highlights were so nice as well. It sucks because my base colour has now faded to a bronze light purple-brown ish, which basically just looks brown if not under the light which makes me so damn sad. Well, we shall see if I can do anything about it soon.

xx Leah

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  1. Love this outfit! <3 the skirt ahhhhh <3 _ <3