Saturday, 24 August 2013

Go dance in the waters of all the tears we cry

top - topshop // kimono - h&m // skirt - topshop // necklace - c/o goldenpixiedust // shoes - jeffrey campbell tardy's

So this post took awhile to get up because the photos were in my camera and I was in school so I couldn't transfer them to my computer and edit. Yeah excuses. Finally I had an occasion to dress up and put on heels so I (obviously) took advantage of it. It was my cousin's first holy communion and I had to go and show some support of course.

Now I'm looking at these photos i'm just like, I miss my blonde hair. Yes its only been a month I know. If you didn't already know from my instagram, I now have purple hair. I was convinced by some people, (it might just be this one person though) to go back to dark hair and I have. I guess i'm kinda liking it? Its a change. And I don't look as washed out as compared to my blonde locks. Hm. Hope my hair doesn't fade drastically I'd hate to have to re-dye, again. Have a great weekend guys! muah xx.

xx Leah

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