Monday, 22 July 2013

I hate these blurred lines

top - h&m // shorts - bkk // shoes - YRU qozmo blues // bag - topshop // snapback - mishka // lipstick - macs diva

So someone took me on a date and it was a rather nice surprise. I got to relive my childhood and stare at fishes and make weird squealing noises when I found the jellyfish tank. I kid you not. And also had a fucking good dinner at Brotzeit and movie after that. Everything was his treat so, thank you. /inserts random heart emojis here (aww)/ We watched monsters U, and I swear that day was solely meant to make me feel like a kid again. I don't know if that was the intention but it worked and I was mostly, happy at the end of the day. Fishes + favourite disney movie ever?!?!?!?! Plus the best person to spend it with. (CAPITALIZED AWWWW HERE) I'm too sweet. and this post is full of brackets and weird punctuation so I should go now. Uni is starting in two weeks and camp is in three days. I AM SO NOT READY TO HAVE MY SOCIAL LIFE TAKEN FROM ME.

xx Leah