Tuesday, 3 April 2012

let the hunger games begin

thestylemafia top / topshop velvet skater dress / topshop tights / creepers / varsity jacket from a spree

Because i managed to get free tickets to the hunger games i immediately called corinne and asked if she wanted to go with me because i know how much she loves the book. thank god i had no dance that day because i'll prolly end up going there in my uniform which isn't a pretty sight.

Anyway, more about how im so obsessed with the movie and all the characters. le dies at josh hutcherson's cute innocent face i can't even begin to describe how much im crushing on him now. And as well as isabelle fuhrman who plays clove. i think she is STUNNING and beyond everything like for a 15 year old okay. how is she so perfect i want to date her. Don't really like jennifer lawrence much but i never liked her since x-men anywho. neither do i like liam hemsworth but i guess he'll do. Rue is so. omg so precious i wish she was my sister so baddddd. Overall the movie stayed pretty true to the book and everyone should go watch it for real its the best.

This is so going to turn out like twilight, i can predict the future.

xx Leah

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