Tuesday, 6 March 2012

I think im tumblr worthy, lol who am i kidding?

So i've been doing stuff this weekend. not much but at least i've met up with my girls omg i haven't seen them in ages i miss them so much. went to support our juniors for danceworks 2012 and all that. And my bestfriend is so cute just saying yknow. lmao. anw. after that i had my sisters birthday party thing, not much, mostly a camwhore sesh for me and my godsister and my 'tumblr' pictures and all.
oh and my friends called me tumblr worthy omg i legit died that was the sweetest thing anyone had told me in awhile hahaha.

and a bunch of other things like

  1. i passed my chinese A levels!!!!!! (its a miracle)
  2. i finally talked to my ec from last year when he came back to school. oh my god. most embarrassing moment of my life just saying but it was worth it.
  3. i pretty much stuck at home studying daily because my exams are in less than two months and i am a nervous wreck, can you not tell?
  4. im going to malaysia this weekend for a geog field trip. EXCITED.
yep pretty much. will update this space when i have time, but for now, i'll just leave you with this.

xx Leah

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