Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Because pictures speak more words than i can bother to type

topshop crop top / topshop shorts / creepers / rosary from diva

alfresco: denim shirt runway bandits / topshop top / floral shorts from haji / docs

Basically i have no time whatsoever to update this 'blog' even thats what i can even call it now but hey at least im trying. in short, the first few photos was from Corinne's 18th and where i got so very drunk and turned lesbian on everyone. it was actually quite funny the whole situation, but moving on, the second set was from alfresco last friday where we could wear whatever we wanted to school and i toned down my style like a whole lot and yet people still judged me. SIGH. can't do much about that.

Anyway, so excited that bloggers i followed on instagram followed me back /inwardly dies/ and liked my post /screams inside/ its nice to know that people actually look at my photos. I fangirl a little everytime it happens, just fyi. Because i'm weird like that.

I should get off here now because i have tons of work to do and mindlessly typing on here isn't going to finish all that.

xx Leah

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