Tuesday, 31 January 2012

You're my kryptonite

topshop colour block top / topshop hw shorts / sunnies form diva / lastbusride oxfords / topshop socks

denim vest online / topshop top and bag / shopskinned skirt / glitter docs / twig m.a.c

/failed/ artistic shot

So over the weekend i mainly just went out on sunday for some gambling with my classmates because i finally learnt how to play mahjong after all these years. basically started off with two dollars and after earning and losing (severely) i ended up with three bucks. which i guess is still making something. caught 'we not naughty' with jazmen keith and lixuan after that. movie ended at 11pm and i died because my mum totally nagged me to death after that. geez so i wasted $$ and cabbed home. school's starting to get tough. today was the orientation for the j1's which i guess was alright, despite the lack of handsome guys i guess it was okay. still annoyed i wasn't OGL though. sigh, i wish i was a j1 again.

xx Leah

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