Monday, 23 January 2012

brokeback mountain

topshop top & shorts / replica from whatisdope / earrings from topshop / docs / diva by m.a.c

So i thought i rather not bore you with cj open house pictures where all you see is people in uniform and show you what i wore to the sp open house instead. i've been dressing rather grungy lately. idk why but i just have. anyway. i guess its not a bad thing since i really like it. im starting to buy more t-shirts rather than nice tops lately. hm. anywho. i need to rave about this amazing movie.

Yep. Brokeback Mountain.

I tend to watch gay movies alot. idk why. its just way more interesting than any other romcom. but no shit this movie is the best movie of like ever and its my new favourite movie alright. i cried like a baby when it ended and no shit i cried when both of them fought. and it hurts because its like they love each other so much and they can't be together and they just end up having an affair and im just like DANG IT WHY CAN'T YOU JUST BUY A RANCH AND LIVE ON IT TOGETHER AND LIVE HAPPILY EVER AFTER LIKE JACK SAID STUPID ERNISS. sobs. i cried so hard when jack died ok you have no idea. its just all emotions at once sdjfvhcbxnncv. stupid movie. i love it so much i'm going to go out and buy it on dvd and watch it over and over again.

not to mention, jake gyllenhaal and heath ledger are just the sexiest things ok. god bless my soul.

xx Leah

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