Friday, 25 November 2011

Shopping and wishlist

Went out w my bestie ystd and got some stuff from topshop and h&m. i finally bought the sweater i had been eyeing since ages, along w the topman bracelet AND MY BEANIE. hehe im so excited to wear it. and the bralet was like $9 in the sale at topshop. 9 dollars. how is that even possible for topshop. Reduced from $50 dollars i mean like. wow. i was lucky. and you know me and my bralets i can't have enough. so i took it on a whim and nope, i have no regrets.

I am kinda regretting not buying the velvet swing dress i keep seeing at topshop. its $66 though and i really can't seem to justify the price. but i tried it on anyway and it fit real nice. i really hope it doesn't go out of stock before i come back i will just cry.

I tried the black one but i really like the maroon one as well. i am obsessed with things in this colour. i have a problem.

Also some other things i want but can't have.

I especially want those glitter creepers. they are the fucking bomb i swear. Along w the colour maroon/burgundy i have been craving for things with glitter or sequins on them don't ask me why, i never liked glitter or sequins EVER but seems like this festive mood has brought out a side of me i never knew i had. Check out these docs. i really want to get my hands on them especially the new melody glitter ones in black. fml. they are STUNNING.

The purple shimmer ones are pretty cool too, just need it when i feel blegh and want to make my outfit crazy without thinking too much on what to wear.

Ah my Christmas wishlist, it gets longer everyday.

xx Leah

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