Monday, 14 November 2011

Playing with lightning

denim shirt - runwaybandits, tank - whatisdope, belt - mums, bag - baggu, necklace - modparade, shoes - dr martens, socks - topshop.

and yes i really want the maroon 5 album alright.

Birthday girl!!!!

It was meant to be I  1T31' however we fail at the heart and the 'T'

So we went to celebrate wendy's birthday at the esplanade!!!! major fun because we surprised her with a cake as well as playing with sparklers after that. we kinda stood in the middle of some open ground near the floating platform and just lit the place on fire. no not literally but still. we polluted the place pretty bad with all the smoke. and everyone was staring. But, it was pretty fun, and i didn't give a crap about anyone who was looking. it was a public area after all.

We stayed tgt till 11:11 and wished tgt as well. I think my wish has probably stayed the same for the past few months, and its prolly not going to change anytime soon. but well, since when does 11:11 actually work anyway.

Anyway i'm glad to finally say that OP is OVERRRRRRRRRRR. like screams and runs around wildly, and just some proof for you guys.

Went out with my groupmates after the exam to go celebrate with some ritz and salted caramel. took a picture of our sticker things we had to put on ourselves as evidence. OH. and we like tore all our papers and shit right after the examiner asked us our last question and let out a squeal in happiness. no more fucking online meetings till 2am, no more stressful arrangements and all that crap. its finally. O.V.E.R.

going to go buy some stuff for my pw mates because i think they deserve something and after all i am the group leader. /inserts note to self/

xx Leah.

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