Saturday, 24 September 2011

so i guess i sacrificed my saturday of studying for nothing

dress - topshop, necklace - modparade, creepers - lastbusride, bag - whatisdope, socks - topshop

So i had a booth for the flea at 'soul' ystd. it was a major thumbs down i was so upset. only made like what $70 dollars? plus i had to cover cost of $30 for the stall. super not worth my money at all. next time i'll only do the flea when its at the pitbuilding. tsk. so annoyed. and aside from that, my exams are in a week and i spent the whole day there for nothing, i mean seriously, let down much.

On the other hand, i bought two tops, one from ivorypastel, major bargain because its from their latest collection which hasn't even been launched yet and i prolly got it for like slightly more than half the price? as well as shopskinned! oh and i must tell the story behind this, because i honestly think the model from their website is so damn pretty and i always see her at fleas but i haven't bought anything from them when they have booths but ystd i did and oh my lord i swear i was dying when she talked to me and smiled when i bought the top. she smiled okay, i was about to melt on the spot right there not even gonna lie. shes so pretty gosh. i feel so ridiculous i am squealling over a girl. alright i better move on.

Both the tops i got were sheer, one was black the other was electric blue, and i got a pair of highwaisted shorts for 10 bucks because i got it from my friend. Super happy with all the deals i got. Then at night i went for my uncles wedding dinner. Yes in my oh so informal dress and creepers. i know, i felt super out of place but hey i liked my outfit that day so i didn't really care what other people thought.

lmao really trolololing at my mum's bf + my cousin. isn't my cousin adorable though, he's half canadian. cuteness maxxxxx.

here's some random shots of my outfit i got my mums bf to take for me. really, i have never done this before HAHA.


Alright just some random shots. i look terrible because i was out the whole day don't mind me. anywho, im off to have tuition for three and a half hours and idk how i expect to survive that but hey, got to do everything i can to pass my promos. won't be updating often but i'll try my best. update after my exammmmms.
xx Leah.

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