Saturday, 16 July 2011

Bittersweet ending to my childhood



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So yesterday i headed back over to my secondary school for the carnival. Met up with all my old classmates and teachers whom i have missed so much. it was so great to see everybody again. i miss sjc.

After that, we headed to town, and guess what we watched.

Yep thats right. harry potter and the deathly hallows part 2.

What a mind blowing amazing movie, the whole series. i was so sad it had to end like that i wished it didn't. because it was my childhood and i had so many memories of this movie. But overall it was just spectacular and perfect and i swear the most life changing movie ever. and Tom Felton was just the cutest sexiest hottest man alive. not even kidding.

I mean look at this man.

How can you tell me he isn't just so British and sexy and when he came on screen, i literally squealed in the theatre. sigh. i really hope he acts in other shows as well.

Yesterday in general was just fantastic, had fun with all the girls who i've missed so much!!!!! Really want to do this again sometime soon.

Pardon my face, i just came home from church and i was bored.

xx Leah.

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